Build Positive Credit

Click on image below to sign up for the credit builder of your choice.


                                 Soft pull, so your credit isn't affected.

                       Reports to all three bureaus as an installment loan.

            The first month is $9.00. They have plans as little as $25.00 a month.

Its like you're adding money into your savings account/ a CD for 12 or 24 months


                                           Soft pull, so your credit isn't affected.

                                Reports to all three bureaus as an installment loan.

                         Allow you to shop now, and pay later. Even offer virtual cards.


                                  Secure credit builder card

                Apply in minutes + No credit score requirement 

        Put down $200 deposit to open your secure credit card

   Build credit by making purchases with your credit builder card

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Let's start building your kids credit (Ages 3-17 years old)

***Click on step card image above***

Step is a credit builder for kids.

It allows you the parent to control their speeding. 

It operates just like your typical debit card but with the benefit of building positive credit towards your kids financial future. Step is built so it doesn’t charge you fees. There are no monthly, overdraft, ATM or late fees and no minimum balance required

Phone 1-800-709-7306

Fax 1-877-209-8304

1800 Pembroke Drive ste 300, Orlando Florida 32810

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